Ready to grin and bare it?

Forget about razor burn and messy DIY kits, a tidy bikini will keep you looking and feeling smooth.

Our bikini wax services are quick, clean & professional.

Girls! Spruce up your lady landscaping today.

Full Bikini Wax

  • The full Bikini removes all those unwanted hairs on the outside of your bikini line.

Brazilian Wax

  • This treatment removes nearly all the hair from front to back, leaving just a landing strip or mini triangle.

Hollywood Wax

  • Like the Brazilian, but this treatment removes ‘all’ the hair from front to back, leaving no hair standing.

Bikini Wax at The Wax Studio

Here’s the Scoop!

The secret to the perfect bikini wax lies in our technique.

At The Wax Studio, we are passionate about perfecting our craft – our specialty is a perfect smooth bikini!

We take pride in giving you the best wax every time, so we only use the best wax available and have developed superior techniques for a thorough and comfortable treatment.

Your comfort and sexy sophisticated skin is our priority – no awkward silences or fuss.


Ready for smooth, gorgeous skin?