In combination with your completed treatment at The Wax Studio – available now for all your home care needs – Mailelani organic coconut oil skincare!

Soft, glowing, healthy skin is at your fingertips!

We believe it is important to use only the best products for your skin at The Wax Studio.  

That’s why we use Mailelani handmade coconut skincare from Samoa. 

  • Handmade from virgin coconut oil, this range of pure skincare products is full of natural goodness – certified as organic! Your skin will feel smooth and supple, with a lingering tropical fragrance.

  • The virgin coconut oil is ethically sourced from farmers and villagers in Samoa and handmade by the small local Mailelani team.

  • Virgin coconut oil is luxuriously nourishing and easily absorbed by our skin, helping it look youthful, soft and glowing.

  • When you buy Mailelani handmade coconut oil skincare, you’re doing something amazing for your skin – and for the farmers, villagers and workers in Samoa as they all benefit from the ethical production of their local treasure!

Frangipani & Lau Ti Infusion

Combining Lau Ti with the characteristic flower Polynesian women traditionally wear in their hair. Frangipani adds a delicate scent, while the Lau Ti is an ancient stress reliever.

Mango and Papaya

A fruity mix of fresh papaya and exotic mango. Papaya is a gold mine of enzymes, vitamins and minerals. Rejuvenates your skin, and is especially excellent after sun!

Ylang ylang (or moso’oi in Samoan)

The smell of this flower perfumes the tropical islands. This fragrance is intensely sweet, floral, and slightly spicy.

Pure and Simple

Fragrance-free natural moisturiser that is easily absorbed. It helps to relieve eczema and psoriasis. Helps prevent stretch marks. Removes make-up gently and completely, great for sensitive skin. For those who like things Pure and Simple.

Vanilla & Koko Samoa

Combining two of the world’s favourite flavours – vanilla and roasted cocoa beans. Cocoa beans are full of anti-oxidants, which fight infection. At the same time coconut oil is a disinfectant. These two fighters are our skin guardians.

Completely Coconut

A luxurious blend of coconut cream, coconut oil and coconut scent – making the most of the wonderful qualities of this amazing seed.

Ready for smooth, gorgeous skin?