We believe it is important to use the crème de la crème of depilatory waxes at The Wax Studio.  

Lycon Wax is the market leader when it comes to quality. 



Not only does Lycon wax do the job, it also looks and smells delicious!

Made in Australia, Lycon’s ingredients are ethically sourced and contain cruelty free ingredients such as natural beeswax and pine resins.  Essential oils, such as rose, chamomile, lavender and Aloe Vera are added to sooth and calm.

At The Wax Studio we use a range of waxes to suit the varied needs of our clients to ensure the very best waxing results. Hot wax is the absolute best to use on sensitive areas, like the face, eyebrows, underarms and intimate areas, as it is gentle and effective.  Lycon can grip hair as short as 1 mm and can be re-applied without irritation or discomfort. This means, no picking at your skin with tweezers!

We use Lycon strip wax for the quick removal of hair on legs, arms, and buttocks.  Strip wax is never used on sensitive, or delicate areas.

To provide a hygienic and comfortable experience we use only Lycon pre and post waxing products. Lycotane removes oils, perspiration, make-up and surface bacteria and is used to prepare the skin for waxing.  We use a pre-waxing oil, containing apricot kernel oil, jasmine essential oil and bisabolol.  The oil allows the wax to grip only to the hair and not the skin, resulting in a less painful experience.

To finish, we use Tea-Tree Soothe (a light calming lotion) to soothe, moisturise and minimise redness, along with Ingrown-X-it Solution if in-grown hairs tend to be problematic.

Ready for smooth, gorgeous skin?