Leg Waxing

Leg Waxing2018-10-25T17:02:18+13:00

Say goodbye to nicks, cuts, razor bumps and stubble on your legs!

Compared to shaving, leg waxing leaves you smooth for weeks, not days.

Hair grows back slower and softer and less of it – leaving you with instantly smooth and sexy legs.

Half Leg

  • This treatment uses strip wax to remove unwanted hair from above the knee, down to the tops of your feet to the tip of your toes.

Upper Leg

  • Using strip wax, unwanted hair is removed from above the knee to the upper thigh, front and back.

Full Leg

  • This treatment combines a half leg and an upper leg treatment. No more hairy legs from top to toe!
Leg Waxing at The Wax Studio

We have the leg waxing expertise!

Your comfort and beautifully smooth skin is our priority.

We pride ourselves on total hair removal, reduced irritation to the skin, and quick treatment times.

We know hair removal like no-one else!


Ready for smooth, gorgeous skin?